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What is Amateras?


AMATERAS is a DeFi x NFT platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As a DeFi x NFT project, AMATERAS will implement various functions from issuing NFT assets to trading, staking, and gaming.


Issues of NFT

Currently, the market is growing among some NFT enthusiasts. Therefore, the hurdle to investment is high as it is not clear when the liquidity will become low.

Only a few enthusiasts buy NFTs for collection purposes.

Digital art NFTs can only "buy" or "sell."

NFTs obtained from the gacha of blockchain games are often worthless, and there is no use for them at all.


What AMATERAS will achieve

Incorporating the success factors of trending products to provide ever-evolving value.

Building a sustainable platform where many people can participate without worry.

Creating a new project that combines "NFT" and "DeFi" as crucial success factors for future digital investments.


Amateras Features


AMATERAS DEX allows you to exchange BSC tokens.
In addition to swapping BSC tokens, you can also do liquidity mining using $AMT, etc.

NFT Staking & NFT Farming

You can get a governance token ($AMT) by staking a single NFT as collateral. Therefore, even if you miss out on a gacha, it will not go to waste.In addition to NFT staking, you can also farm by combining multiple NFTs. You will earn $BUSD for this.

NFT Gacha

NFT Gacha

The name of the AMATERAS NFT gacha is "OMIKUJI". "OMIKUJI" is like a Japanese version of fortune cookies. There are five rarities of NFTs (N, R, SR, SSR, UR). The higher the rarity, the higher the reward for NFT staking. AMATERAS focuses on collectability and gamification and releases features such as gacha, training, and battles.

NFT Marketplace

We will build a system to exchange AMATERAS NFTs for other game items and improve compatibility. Users can buy and sell NFTs at the AMATERAS NFT Marketplace.

Referral System

You can invite your friends and have fun together at AMATERAS. When the invited person draws a gacha, they get 10% of the reward.

AMT Token


  • NFT Staking and Liquidity Mining Rewards

  • Used as DAO governance token in the future

  • Provide a market and liquidity for NFT artists

Total Supply:




Contract address:



Amateras DEX


Roadmap for Marketing

  • SNS Community Open

  • Listing CoinMarketCap

  • Advertise on PooCoin

  • Create Telegram Stamp

  • Listing CoinGecko

  • Start Marketing in Japan

  • Start Marketing in South East Asia

  • Start Marketing in China

  • Start Marketing in America

  • Start Marketing in Europe

  • AMATERAS featured in major media

  • Partner with gaming influencers

  • Partner with crypto influencers

  • Partner with NFT influencers

  • Cooperation with EU Club Soccer Team

  • Cooperation with Japanese IP

  • Implementation of AMATERAS NFT in the Metaverse Project

  • Conference sponsor

  • AMA

  • Youtube

  • Official Site Update

  • Promotional Video

Roadmap for Development

  • Presale

  • Website launch

  • IDO(Initial DEX Offerring) on AMATERAS

  • Pancakeswap adds AMT-BNB,AMT-BUSD Liquidity Pool

  • Start development

  • NFT Airdrop

  • $AMT Airdrop

  • Release of Swap function

  • LP Lock

  • Wallet: MetaMask, TrustWallet, TokenPocket, MathWallet

  • DisplayMiningOptimization

  • NFT Stake & Burn

  • Airdrop

  • NFT Trade

  • NFT Auction

  • $AMT burn

  • Announcing the board members

  • NFT Merge

  • Stake Mining Display

  • Presale of limited NFTs

  • NFT Update

  • NFT Locked Up

  • Collaborate with other projects

  • Adding tokens that can be used in the NFT marketplace

  • AMATERAS conbine

  • NFT creation

  • Transfer external addresses.

  • Dutch Auction

  • Certik Audit

  • CEX listing

  • AMATERAS TERAKOYA(Scholarship Program)

  • Collaborate with other BSC projects

  • Collaborate with other NFT projects

  • Open call for NFT creators

  • NFT Voting

  • Add voice to the character

  • Temples, Shrines, Art NFT


Check the medium site below.

About Us


  • CEO: Kevin
    CEO: Kevin
  • COO: Alex
    COO: Alex
  • CTO: Emily
    CTO: Emily
  • CMO: John
    CMO: John
  • Adviser, Creation & Global Marketing: TATSUYA Yabuta
    Adviser, Creation & Global Marketing: TATSUYA Yabuta
  • Adviser: Keisuke Horiguchi
    Adviser: Keisuke Horiguchi
  • Community: KYUBI
    Community: KYUBI

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